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Not all massages are created equal and here at Pause Massage, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your therapeutic goals - whether it is relaxation or recovery from pain.

Spring Pause Ritual Massage

Spring into self care with our NEW Spring Pause Ritual Massage! Renew your mind and body with your choice of Pause Relax (swedish) or Deep Tissue Massage. Our Jasmine aromatherapy, refreshing Lemongrass foot scrub and hot towels are included for a truly rejuvenating experience!


80min - $155   BOOK NOW

Pause Relax

Relax. Our former Swedish inspired Combo Massage. Relieve stress, reduce pain, and boost mood.

50min - $80   BOOK NOW

80min- $115  BOOK NOW

Deep Tissue Massage

Therapeutic. Realign deeper layers of muscles by targeted pressure and trigger point work to soften knots.

50min - $90   BOOK NOW

80min - $125   BOOK NOW

Prenatal Massage

Relief. Relieve pain and release tension during or post pregnancy (performed after 1st trimester only).

50min - $95   BOOK NOW

80min - $125   BOOK NOW

Sports Massage

Recover. Increase flexibility and performance and promote muscle repair with assisted stretching.

50min - $95   BOOK NOW

80min - $135   BOOK NOW

Hot Stone Massage

Soothe. Melt away tension and muscle stiffness with heated Volcanic stones.

50min - $95   BOOK NOW

80min - $135   BOOK NOW

Himalayan Hot Salt Stone Massage

Soothe. Melt away tension and muscle stiffness with heated Himalayan stones.

50-min: $95   BOOK NOW

80-min: $135   BOOK NOW

Cupping Therapy

Restore. Relieve chronic pain by release of toxins, activate lymphatic system, and clear veins and arteries

50min - $110   BOOK NOW

80min - $145   BOOK NOW

Signature Massage

Unwind. Blend of aromatherapy, reflexology, and Combo Massage with heated pillows and towels

50-min: reg $110   BOOK NOW

80-min: reg $150   BOOK NOW

Couples massage

Indulge Side-by-side massage for two. Perfect for couples or friends

50min - $190   BOOK NOW

80min - $260   BOOK NOW

Enhance your massage session

Those are available as add-ons that you can choose in-house before massage.

Herbal Heat Therapy  $8

Heat packs used on back and neck during treatment to help relieve stress by increasing your relaxation state.

Aromatherapy  $9

Blended essential oils to heighten sensorial experience, enrich skin health and strengthen emotional connections.

Muscle Recovery Balm  $10

Combination of cooling and warming menthol balm targets sore muscles to reach greater mobility and reduce tension.

Percussion Tension Release  $10

Motorized massage device with over 3200 strokes per minute and 80 lbs of force to address muscle adhesions and trigger points.

Eucalyptus Scalp Massage  $10

Increase blood flow to the scalp to stimulate relaxation, ease headaches, release tension and revive overworked muscles.

Hot/Himalayan Stones  $15

Heated Volcanic or Himalayan stones glide over tired muscles to promote deeper relaxation and improve blood circulation.

(coming soon) CBD  $15

CBD responds to receptors in the skin to relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and maximize relaxation.

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